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6 Reasons you should Start Eating Raw Cannabis

There are many ways to consume marijuana. You can smoke, vape or eat edibles. But have you ever tried eating raw cannabis? No? Not even out of curiosity? Well, that’s understandable. Obviously, when we think about weed, we get an image of a poorly rolled joint or a vape pen in our hands. We never see ourselves eating it green, or making a h

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Is CBD Oil an Effective Treatment Option for PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a commonly found medical condition among young girls. It causes tiny cysts on the ovaries and also leads to hormonal imbalances. And the bad news is, most women are not aware of the condition until fertility issues start cropping up. You see the symptoms of PCOS vary from person to person in terms of impact and severity. So, some women may start noticing the symptoms early on in the cycle

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