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Top Side Effects of Cannabis Edibles and How to Handle Them

Edibles have been here for some time now. And today, they are getting even more famous than the oldest and most traditional way of consuming cannabis- smoking. Considering the risks associated with smoking, many marijuana users are preferring consuming marijuana in the form of edibles. And, obviously, when you have applied for a 420 med card to treat a medical condition of yours, you don’t want to use the herb in a damaging way.

But is consuming cannabis in the form of edibles completely safe?

Certainly not. In fact, if you are not careful while using cannabis edibles, there are many side effects of it. 

But hey, it doesn’t mean you just stop consuming it. Yes, cannabis edibles have a few risks associated with it. But the method is still a lot better than inhalation. Also, most of the side effects of cannabis edibles are totally avoidable. In short, you don’t have to worry at all. All you need is some basic information, and you’ll be fine.

In this post, we have discussed a few of the most common side effects of cannabis edibles and how to avoid them.

What Makes Edibles Different From Smoking?

Edibles are quite different and certainly better than any consumption method that involves inhalation. But what exactly makes this method different?

See, when you consume cannabis via smoking, the cannabinoids enter your lungs. And from here they are transferred to your bloodstream. However, cannabinoids are not the only things entering your lungs when you smoke. With this, you are also inhaling burnt particles, and possibly, carcinogens. And these can be quite harmful to your health.

However, with edibles, you do not have to worry about any such thing. Edibles, like any other food, follow the digestive path of your body and metabolize in your stomach. And from here only, the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream. Given this, the effects of cannabis edibles are quite different than smoking in terms of speed, potency, and duration.

Cannabis Chocolate

Here are a few ways the effects of cannabis differ from smoking:

  • Onset Time: The time it takes for the effects to appear while smoking cannabis is very less, i.e. 5 to 10 min. However, with edibles, cannabinoids may take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Duration: With smoking, the effects last only for 2 to 3 hours. While with edibles, they may persist for up to 10 to 12 hours.
  • Potency: Edibles may be less potent than smoking, as, in this method, an amount of cannabinoids is wasted while digesting them.

The effects of cannabis edibles though depend upon a lot of factors, including your diet, body structure, metabolism, etc. So, while consuming them, you need to be a bit careful. Otherwise, you may have to face some severe side effects.

Side Effects of Consuming Cannabis Edibles

As mentioned above, the effects of cannabis edibles may take some time to appear. And the overall time varies from person to person. Having said that, the chances of overconsuming edibles accidentally are very high, especially if you are new to it.

Here are a few of the most common negative effects you may experience after consuming marijuana edibles:

  • Cottonmouth

Cottonmouth, which is also known as dry mouth, is one of the most prominent side effects of cannabis edibles. Experts are still trying to find the exact reason behind this phenomenon. But various studies tell us that the main culprit here is THC. When you consume THC, it causes the submandibular gland to stop the production of saliva in your mouth. And this causes cottonmouth.

  • Red Eyes

Red eyes is perhaps one of the easiest ways you can spot a stoner. And here too the reason is THC. THC causes the blood vessel around your eyes to dilate which causes redness and dryness in the eyes.

  • Anxiety and Paranoia

This is probably one of the most problematic side effects of consuming cannabis edibles. Yes, cannabis is also used as a medicine to treat anxiety. However, you should note that the effects of the herb are biphasic. It means it induces different effects depending upon the dosage. Having said that, the chances of overconsuming are quite high with edibles. And if it happens, you may get anxious and paranoid.

  • Psychological Problems in Teenager

There have been various studies suggesting that cannabis can be quite harmful to a teenage brain. And the effects can be very long-lasting. The reason behind this is that, at this age, the brain of the person is not fully developed. And thus, repeated consumption of THC may have ramifications.

Along with the above effects, edibles may also make you feel tired, lose your sense of time, change your visual perception, and cause short term memory loss.

As you can see, the above are all quite typical side effects of cannabis. However, the problem with edibles is that the effects take time to kick in. Given this, the instances of people overconsuming them accidentally have become very common.

So, how to save yourself from these side effects of cannabis edibles? The tips given below can help you.

Tips to Reduce The Side Effects of Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Edibles

The thing you should always remember about cannabis is that, no matter how much you consume it, the effects won’t be lethal. However, when you have the option to avoid overdosing, why risk it?

Here are the solutions to the most common side effects of consuming cannabis edibles:

  • Dry Mouth: As we read, dry mouth is caused by a halt in the production of saliva in your mouth. And thus, you can manage it by keeping a glass of water or juice handy when you are consuming edibles. Just keep sipping on a non-alcoholic drink as you enjoy your cannabis, and you can avoid dry mouth without any problem.
  • Red Eyes: Keeping yourself hydrated can also help you avoid red or dry eyes in many cases. However, if you do not find relief with this, you may use some good quality on-the-counter eyedrops.
  • Anxiety and Paranoia: To avoid a situation where you are completely paranoid and over-anxious, you must stick to a dose with low THC. Furthermore, as you consume a dosage of edibles, make sure you wait for a few hours before you consume more. Otherwise, the effects of both doses will combine, and it may become extreme. Additionally, always consume in a familiar environment with some trusted people.
  • Fatigue: Again, consume at a place where you are comfortable so that even if you pass out, it won’t be a problem. You should not consume edibles at a place from where you have no way of getting back afterward.

In addition to this, you must store your edibles at a place where no one can reach it easily. This is especially important if you have kids at home. Plus, make sure you have a 420 med card. This will keep you safe from any legal troubles in case a kid consumes them accidentally.

Final Words

Yes, edibles are fun. And given its medicinal benefits, many medical users are ditching smoking and turning to them nowadays. However, it doesn’t mean edibles do not have any side effects. Marijuana edibles may cause various negative effects on careless consumption, as we studied above. 

Fortunately, most of these effects are very easy to tackle. You just need to be a bit careful while consuming edibles, and everything will be fine.

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How to Purchase Good Quality Cannabis?

So, you’ve finally got your medical cannabis card. And now, it’s time to get your hands on the real deal- the herb itself. Obviously, it was for this reason only why you got through all the hassle of going through 420 evaluations Bakersfield, right? And now, that you have your card, you can easily buy marijuana without any trouble.

However, buying cannabis for the first time isn’t really as easy as said. In fact, for many first-timers, the experience can be really intimidating.

And why not?

Cannabis, today, is not just about THC, potency, and price. I mean, yes, these factors may help you narrow down your options. However, there are many other things that go into making a product of superior quality.

Furthermore, the task of buying good quality cannabis can be even more challenging if you are doing it remotely.

Given all this, how can you make the right choice?

Well, you may buy superior quality cannabis even if you are a first-timer. All you need are a few good tips. And this post is written especially for this purpose.

So, read on.

It’s Not All About THC

Oil Extract Cartridge Close Vaping

Have you ever wondered why the top shelves of dispensaries are not usually carrying the products with the highest THC? Because the quality of a product isn’t just about THC. In fact, if you have done a little research before you go for your 420 evaluations Bakersfield, you probably are aware of the fact that the cannabis plant has more than a hundred different cannabinoids. And the quality of your product is usually determined by the complex arrangement of these chemicals rather than just THC. This is what we call “the entourage effect.” This means that the effects that a product usually produces are not because of a single plant compound. Instead, they are the result of all the different compounds working harmoniously. And this is what gives us a well-rounded high, which is obviously more enjoyable.

It is important to note that the bud that is high in THC but is lacking other cannabinoids and terpenes will not give your the required effects. The high will usually be one dimensional and very short-lived. Furthermore, it may even induce anxiety in you.

In other words, if you are paying a premium price for a product, you are paying for other cannabinoids and not THC.

How to Differentiate a Good Bud From a Bad One?

The below-given are a few things you may check to identify if your product is of good quality or not.


The aroma of a cannabis plant is the result of the terpenes present in it. And they are usually responsible for the natural scent of the plant. Now, you should note that the overall undertone of almost all cannabis plants may be similar. But different strains mostly have different aromas. This is due to the different terpenes concentrations inside them.

Have you ever seen the small and shiny structures on your marijuana bud’s surface? These are trichomes, the mushroom-shaped glands that, during the flowering stage of the plant, pump the terpenes out.

You can identify good quality cannabis by smelling it a little. If the product you are dealing with is good, you’ll be met with a nice wave of terpenes as soon as you’ll open your pack. Keep in mind that a sweet smell may not always indicate good quality cannabis. But in most cases, it may help. A few of the most common aromas you may expect from your marijuana bud may include earth, flower, fuel, sugar, spices, berries, citrus, etc.

Here are a few variables on which the aroma of your product may depend:

  • Genetics
  • Nutrients
  • Drying and Curing
  • Soil Quality
  • Companion Plants


They say that you must not judge a book by its cover. But you can certainly judge the quality of cannabis by its appearance. And one of the most important of all the visual aspects of a marijuana bud is its color.

Now, please note that a cannabis bud comes in varying colors. Depending upon the strain, it may have a purple, green, orange, or red color. Considering this, it’s not actually the color itself but the vibrance and intensity of it that tells us the quality of the bud. A cannabis flower that is healthy usually looks quite shiny and bright.

If the color of your product is vibrant enough, it indicates that it has very good genetics. Plus, it is grown with good techniques and is dried and cured properly. On the other hand, if the quality of cannabis is poor, it may appear pallid, dull, and matte. These types of buds are usually of dark green to pale brown color and are not really appealing.


Along with the overall color of the bud, the pistils on it may also be a nice indicator of the quality of your product. 

When looking closely at your flower, you may be able to see a whole landscape, containing several organs, structures, and glands, on it in the miniature form. And among these, the most protruding are the pistils. These hair-like structures are the female sex organs of the cannabis plant. And when these pistils get in contact with male pollen, the plant becomes fertile.

Cannabis Trichomes

You should note that these pistils have something else too to do other than this biological role of them. They usually serve as some very useful indicators of the progress of the plant growth. See, when the plant is in its early flowering stage, these pistils are of bright white color. But as the time slowly passes, they become of a solid dark orange color.

Considering this, while trying to determine if your bud is of good quality, you must also take a look at its pistils. If these are of dark orange color, it is the indication of the bud being properly ripe and mature. 


You must also check your cannabis for the presence of mold. Mold doesn’t only ruins the taste and flavor of the product, but can also be a threat to the health of the consumer. Consuming moldy weed may result in anything from a bad flavor to a full-fledged lung infection.

Moldy marijuana is generally the result of poor drying and curing or unhealthy storage. The fungus usually requires a humid environment to flourish. And thus, it usually develops on flowers that are not stored properly.

To identify moldy cannabis, you should look for the presence of cobweb on your flower or within it. Powdery mildew is also a type of mold that may appear like kief to you if you are inexperienced. Some other signs of moldy weed include some dark spots on the bud, gray or yellowish fuzz, or some slime being present.

What if You Are Buying Remotely?

With telemedicine being so popular nowadays, a lot of us are ordering a door-step delivery of cannabis. But how to identify if the quality of cannabis is good in this case?

Well, if you cannot look or smell your product, for any reason, before you make a purchase, the freshness of your bud will probably be the best indicator of its quality. Keep in mind that cannabis plant degrades in quality over time. Proper storage may slow down this process. However, it cannot totally avoid it. So, whenever you are buying a product on the internet, make sure you check the date of harvesting.

Furthermore, you may also prefer buying products that are stored in jars, as if a flower is stored in a plastic bag, it may destroy its trichomes. A jar product may cost you a little bit more. But the overall experience will be a lot better.

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Important Factors To Consider In Reggie Weed

The word regular is known as Reggie in the slang terms. And these are also the drugs obtained from the flower of cannabis. It is one of those weeds that can be used every day because it has very low potency and has very low quality. So, if you want to get high after taking these weeds then, you must have to consume it in a very large amount. the unappealing color (generally yellow or brown) makes it different, and anyone can identify it if the one has ever smoked this weed. In this article, we will see the different characteristics of this type of weed, such as the taste, potency, scent, and color of this weed. Here we go with the article.

1.  Scent

The smell of anything is used to verify anything. Smelling is one of the oldest and traditional methods to recognize something. This weed also can be recognized by the scent or odor of the weed. The different chemicals have different types of smell, and it is also applicable in the case of Reggie weed. The smell can be the major factor of determining the type of strain that is suitable for you or which you use. The good potent weed contains the floral and spicy scent are more popular among the customers or consumers who use weed. Yes, it is true that not every weed has a very good smell, but the scent is one of those factors which is preferable by the weed consumers. The customer checks the smell of weed before buying it. There are also some good quality weeds present which have a very pungent smell, but those weeds compensate with the taste it contains.

But this is not with the Reggie weed, many users do not prefer Reggie weed because of its smell and low potency and have not very extraordinary taste. It is filled with the dry hay smell. The customers avoid it because of this property, and they prefer to take the product, which is filled with a very pleasant smell.

2.  Taste

The weed Reggie comes under those weeds, which produce very quick high, but the property with this weed is that it does not last long. And the high is not also very big it has a mild high. So, if you want to get high after taking these weeds then, you must have to consume it in a very large amount. And if you regularly smoke a very good potency weed, then you must have to take a lot of weed. It does not have that much power to deliver you so you could get the power to deliver a good psychoactive reaction. The high tolerance smokers avoid Reggie weed because it is not made for them. They are used to get high regularly, and after taking this weed, then don’t fell any property of highness. We have also discussed earlier that the strains of this weed is dry, and because of which the consumers of Reggie weed suffers a lot of coughing after smoking it. And your mouth gets dry because of the dryness property of this weed. It is also possible that it makes your throat feel sore.

The best use of Reggie weed is in the medical field. We can say it is the major purpose of growing this weed. It contains a lot of medicinal properties. It is very useful for those patients who suffer from mental sickness. But it also gets avoided there because many alternatives are easily available in the market.

3.  Potency

We discussed earlier that it also lacks in the potency. It can be perfect for some of the cases, but if we consider the sole purpose because it is consumed, it lacks a lot there. Instead, we can say that it gets left by the consumers. For the weed consumers, the potency is the main factor, and therefore, it is rejected by the experienced and well-known person of weed. A customer can buy the product that lacks in taste, which lacks in smell but the customer will never buy the product lacking in potency. The good quality weed are grown carefully, and proper work is done on it, and that is why it gives you the proper satisfaction which you need. But in the case of Reggie weed, it does not get any care.


As we have seen that it lacks in many things either it is in taste or scent or potency. Even it k=lacks for the medical purpose. So the weed is not very popular among the consumers.

Lastly, I want to thank you for reading my thoughts and appreciating our work.

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How to Measure the Weed Accurately?

If you are a consumer of weed or cannabis, then you must know how to measure the weed accurately. The consumers and the growers, buyers, and retailers need to know the exact measurement of the weed. In this article, we will discuss the measurements – on a large scale and on a small scale, in pounds and in grams and everything you should know about the weed.

What is the unit in which weed is measured?

There are various units which is used to measure the amount of weed. The weed is measured in pounds, ounces, grams, or even in any unit of weight. But generally, the weed is measured in ounces at various levels. And therefore, many people think that ounce is the measuring unit of weed, which is not true. The ounce is one of the units in which weed is measured, but it is neither the largest nor the smallest unit of measurement of weed.

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The measuring unit, which is used for larger trade of weed, is a pound, and the measuring unit which is used for the smaller trade is a gram. Because, if the large amount of weed will be traded in smaller units like grams, then it will be very uncomfortable and vice versa is also true. The correct measuring units increases the convenience of trading the weed. As it is easier to say that “give me 56 grams of weed” instead of saying, “I want 0.125 lbs. of weed from your newest strain.”


Different measuring units of weed?

As we said earlier that there are various units to measure weed. And this section, we will discuss the different measuring units for weed. The units which we are going to discuss are pounds, ounce, grams, kilograms. These are not the only measuring units, but they are widely used across the globe.

  1. Pound: This is the measuring unit used in the United States. Other countries do not prefer this unit. The few countries of this unit are the United States, Liberia, and Myanmar use this measuring unit.
  2. Ounce: It is the unit that is used for medium-scale trading, and it is also not widely used across the world.
  3. Gram: Gram is the measuring unit that is accepted by the large number of countries. It is used for the small-scale trade of weed and every consumer who prefers to buy the weed in a small amount then;, it is the best choice for them.
  4. Kilogram: We can say that kilogram is the bigger version of a gram. Thousands of gram forms a kilogram. This unit is very useful for the large-scale trading of weed. Kilogram is widely accepted all over the world. And it is very easy to convert kilograms into grams.

Conversion of measuring units.

This section of the article gives you information about the conversions of the units in various different units.

Pound to grams:

  1. One pound of weed is equal to four hundred forty-eight grams of weed, which is also equal to 16 ounces.
  2. One-half pound of weed is equal to the two hundred twenty-four grams of weed.
  3. One-quarter of a pound of weed is equal to the one hundred and twelve grams of weed.
  4. A one-eighth pound of weed is equal to the fifty-six grams of weed.

Ounce to grams:

  1. One ounce of weed is equal to the twenty-eight grams of weed.
  2. Half part of an ounce of weed is equal to the fourteen grams of weed.
  3. One-fourth part of an ounce of weed is equal to the seven grams of weed.
  4. One-eighth part of an ounce of weed is equal to the three decimal five grams of weed.

Pound to Ounce:

  1. One pound of weed is equal to the sixteen ounces of weed.
  2. One half of a pound of weed makes a total of four ounces of weed.
  3. One-quarter part of a pound is equal to the four ounces of weed.
  4. One-eighth part of the pound is equal to the two ounces of weed.

At the Bottom.

In this article, we discussed the different measuring units of weed, breaking down of pounds, and various other things. If you are a consumer, grower, or retailer or you do anything related to weed, then you must make a space in your mind for this article to fit. So, from the next time, you can check whether you are getting the correct amount of weed.

Lastly, I want to thank you for reading my thoughts and appreciating my work.

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Best Wax Pens

What is Wax Pens?

We all know that as time passes, the world updates itself according to the trend. This happens in everything, starting from a nib of the pen to the wings of an airplane. We have many examples from different inventions like from a calculator to the computer, from Matchbox to lighter, from typewriter to 3D printer, from hand fan to air conditioner, and there are a lot of things. This happens to smoke also. The weed, or we can say the marijuana smokers also are getting updated according to the trend. The wax pens made the smokers modern; it took them from classical trend to the 21st century.

It provides you the dose of THC without going under any combustion process. It only looks sleek, but it delivers a quality of highness. Apart from highness, you also get rid of the burnt seeds, the harsh smokes. And the smell of weed on your hair and the clothes.  Yes! Wax Pens smell and here’s how you minimize it. Do you really want to understand the potency provided by the dab vape pens? If yes, then there is no other way to vape by the dab or say it wax vape pens. Many get confused about the wax vape pen, concentrate pen, and dab vaporizer. So, you need not worry because all these are the same thing. Yes, you heard it the same; all these are a single item.

Young Man Smoking Vape

We can easily understand why wax vape pens are getting popular as it makes you high without any danger. But in the old way of smoking, it was very dangerous. Previously the smokers had to heat a dab in order to concentrate on a nail by using a blow torch. This process involved the fire and was a dangerous way of smoking. Therefore, we can say that the wax vape pen is a very good alternative to it. In this article, we are going to see some of the best Wax vape pens and there pros and cons. So, let us move to our topic.

Best Wax Pens

We are going to give you the names of some of the best wax pens available, which you can use to get high skipping the traditional dangerous method of being high. Here we go with the wax pens.

· The Sol E-Nectar Wax Pen

It is a versatile device having two in one function. It is compatible with the wax having a heat-up time of 1 sec. and have a battery life of 8 hours.

Pros –

  1. Variable voltage
  2. It has a very quick heat up time.
  3. The availability of spare coils.

Cons –

  1. Very small battery and does not have a decent battery backup time.
  2. Have a very slow charge uptime.

These are some of the pros and cons of the product Sol E-Nectar Wax Pen.

· KandyPens Crystal Dab Wax Pen

This is one of the best, and it has proved it. It is an Award-Winning Pen for Dabs and concentrates.

Pros –

  1. It gives you an excellent service.
  2. It has very high durability and comes with great build material. It is totally made of stainless steel.
  3. It is very simple in use.
  4. All – ceramic atomizer gives you great taste and highness.

Cons –

  1. It has a very low battery life. It gives you service only up to 8 hours in a stretch.

· KandyPens Prism

Here comes one more product from KandPens. It controls the whole session of intensity. Unlike the above two, it is compatible with wax and oil as well. It has a very less battery life of only 4 hours.

Pros –

  1. Comes with a wide temperature range which are 320° Celsius, 350° Celsius, 390° Celsius, 430°
  2. Applicator tool is also available.

Cons –

  1. Battery life is very low. It gives you a battery of 320 mAh and has only 4 hours of battery life.
  2. Heat up time is high.

· Mig Vapor Wasp

The slim and compact body of this product makes it unique. You can stealth it very easily. It is compatible with wax and oil and has the battery life of 7 hours.

Pros –

  1. The body of this product is very compact and easy to port.
  2. It is durable also and well made from quality products.
  3. It gives you the cutting – edge of carborundum coils.

Cons –

  1. No adjustable settings.

Final words

In this article, we have seen four best wax vape pens, which you can use with much ease. It will make you high wit a great pleasure. Lastly, I want to thank you for spending your time reading this article and appreciating our thoughts.

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Can You Get an MMJ Card if You’re Not From the States?

Given the benefits the cannabis plant can provide an individual with, we are seeing a huge spike in the number of people applying for marijuana evaluations in Bakersfield lately. The herb can help people manage several different medical conditions, including pain, inflammation, anxiety, PTSD, etc. Furthermore, the process of getting an MMJ card is also extremely easy.

But there is one simple question regarding medical marijuana that needs to be answered- Can you apply for an MMJ card if you are a not from the states?

One of the very important conditions for getting an MMJ card is that you need to be a resident of the state. And if you are one, you can go to any cannabis doctor and ask for the recommendation without any hassle. You just need to have a qualifying condition, and you can get it very easily. But is there any provision of getting cannabis card being a foreigner?

In this article, we’ll try and find the answer to this very question. So, let’s begin.

The Usual Process of Getting an MMJ Card

Medical MarijuanaTo understand it better if a foreigner can get a cannabis card, and if yes, how, let’s first look at the usual process of it for a US resident.

The laws surrounding the cannabis plant and an MMJ card actually differ from state to state. This is because the herb is still an illegal drug at the federal level. But fortunately, in the US, the federal government and the state governments work separately. And due to this, individual states can run their own marijuana programs, and thus, devise their own rules. Having said that, the basic steps of the process are pretty much the same everywhere. Let’s take a look.

If you want to apply for an MMJ card, you need to go through three very simple steps:

  • Application
  • Evaluations
  • Approval


If you want to get an MMJ card to manage your medical condition, the first thing you need to do is find a qualified doctor and register on their website for your 420 evaluations. You may go directly to the clinic too. But given the convenience, experts suggest you go for pre-registration. This will save you a lot of time too.

To register yourself for an MMJ card, all you need is a valid e-mail ID. You will be asked to fill in a few basic details, like your name, age, etc. And once you have filled in all the details, you’ll select a time for your evaluations as per your convenience, and you’re done.


This is, no doubt, the most important part of the whole process. Because this is where the doctor evaluates your condition and decides if you’ll get a recommendation or not. Here too, you have the option to either visit the clinic or talk to the doctor virtually. And again, given the ease, people prefer the latter.

Now, this part is very important for people who are here to find out if a foreigner can get an MMJ card or not, as this is the part where, along with your medical condition, your doctor checks all your documents to ensure if you can legally get a card or not.


After your 420 evaluations, it’s in your doctor’s hands if he gives you a recommendation or not. If he finds you have a qualifying condition that cannabis can manage, and you pass all other criteria, he will provide you with the recommendation. And if he has even the slightest doubt, he may reject your application.

All in all, if you are a resident of the US and have a qualifying condition, getting an MMJ card is very easy. Now, let’s see what happens if you are a foreigner.

MMJ Card for a Non-Resident

MMJ Card

First of all, let’s understand what do we mean by a non-resident.

If a person is not in any way fit or permitted to reside in the US on a permanent basis, we call him a non-resident. Now, it’s worth mentioning that the term also carries people who may be living in the country illegally or as tourists for a limited amount of time.

In most states, if you want to get a medical cannabis card, you need to be a permanent resident of the state. And given you are not even living in the US, leave the state, the chances of you getting a cannabis recommendation are pretty thin.

But what about if you are an American living in some other country?

Well, that can be a case.

As I said before, in most places, you need to be a resident of the state to get a cannabis card. This means you must have proof that you live there. But fortunately, there are some states, such as California and Oregon, that do not follow any such rule. For instance, you can apply for marijuana evaluations in Bakersfield even if you do not live there. As long as you have proof that you are a citizen of the US, you can get a cannabis card. For this, you may use a valid driving license or even a passport. This can come in quite handy if you want an MMJ card and are an American living overseas. Just keep in mind that this gives you the right to use cannabis in the state only. So, don’t go crossing borders carrying it.

Okay, that was all if you have a proof of citizenship. But what about if you are not an American at all? Is there a provision that can provide you legal access to cannabis if your stay in the States is a bit more questionable?

MMJ Card for an Immigrant

Given an amazing GDP and a high-quality lifestyle, people from all across the world come to the US as immigrants. But unfortunately, becoming a full US citizen is a nasty process. So, can you get an MMJ card if you are an immigrant?

If you are living in the US as an immigrant, there is nothing stopping you to get a cannabis recommendation. There are, in fact, no laws suggesting that you must be a full citizen of the US to get your hands on medical marijuana. As long as you can prove that you live here, by showing your green card, etc., you can get a cannabis card.

However, if you are living here illegally, you are totally out of luck.

Should You Really Get an MMJ Card as an Immigrant?

Well, this is a bit controversial. Experts believe that even if your immigration status gives you the right to get a cannabis card, you shouldn’t get it, especially if you are trying to get citizenship here. As I said before, becoming a citizen of the US is very difficult. And most immigration officials try to find the slightest reasons to reject as many applications as possible. Considering this, along with the illegal status of cannabis at the federal level, it probably isn’t a good idea to apply for a cannabis card.

But if you still want to use cannabis as an immigrant, here are a few tips for you:

  • Talk to a legal counselor first.
  • Never carry cannabis in public.
  • Never discuss cannabis with any federal or immigration official.

In the end, you do have the option of getting an MMJ card even if you are not from the US as long as you have of proof of residency here. However, if you want to go that way or not is up to you, really.

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