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Do I Need A Medical Marijuana Recommendation To Buy CBD Oil?

Marijuana legalization is one of the popular topics of discussion across the nation. From governors, mayors to advocates, everyone has been increasing pressure to legalize cannabis. As of now, marijuana is fully legal in 10 states. This means that you don’t need a medical marijuana card to buy CBD oil in these states. However, there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding the legal aspects of cannabis. For instance, if you live in Bakersfield and you plan on getting medical marijuana in Bakersfield, you don’t need a cannabis card to do the same. That’s because cannabis is fully legal in California. 

Even though most states in the US have legalized cannabis in some or the other way, the DEA still classifies CBD as a schedule 1 drug. This means that cannabis is still considered a drug and not accepted for medical purposes. Perhaps the reason why so many people still wonder whether CBD oil is legal or not. Don’t worry we’ve got you all covered. In this write-up, we will discuss everything you need to know about the legal parameters of CBD oil.

Hemp-Derived CBD Oil Vs Cannabis-Derived CBD Oil


Scientifically speaking, there are two types of cannabis – hemp and marijuana. Both come from the cannabis family, but serve different purposes. Hemp plants produce seed oil and fiber. On the other hand, marijuana produces CBD and THC rich cannabis products. This is to say that some products meet recreational requirements. While others suffice medical needs of the patients. In addition to this, you also have to keep in mind that hemp is cannabis Sativa and marijuana is cannabis Indica and cannabis Sativa. Ideally, legal hemp contains less than 0.3% THC and marijuana contains more than 0.3% THC.  

The main difference between both the cannabis-derived components is the resin content. While hemp plants consist of low resin, the marijuana drug plants are high in resin. At the onset, the resin of the plant helped differentiate legal from illegal. Since then laws have changed quite a lot. Earlier all parts of the cannabis Sativa whether growing or not were illegal on the federal level. Eventually, with the legalization of medical marijuana in 33+ states of the US, the laws also changed.

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So, what does all this mean? Here’s what you need to take note of. First and foremost, you have to understand that hemp-derived and cannabis-derived CBD oil are different on botanical and legal levels. Also, you have to keep in mind that marijuana comes from the buds and the buds have psychoactive properties. The reason why you feel high when you consume cannabis buds with THC content. In contrast, hemp comes from the seeds or stalk of the plant. And the hemp plant does not contain excessive amounts of THC. This also means that you will not feel the intoxicating effects of THC. All in all, to consider cannabis as hemp, one has to take the 0.3% THC content into account.

Is CBD Oil Legal? 

CBD Oil Hemp Products

To understand the legalities surrounding CBD use, we have to first learn that CBD derived from hemp and marijuana are two different things. Marijuana as a whole is illegal on the federal level, but the plant is engineered to meet the legal requirements. Simply put, different parts of the cannabis plant have various purposes. For example, hemp is largely manufactured to meet industrial and medical requirements. And it is an integral part of the cannabis plant. The only difference is that it belongs to a different species. Whereas marijuana produces high-quality CBD and THC products. You might need a medical marijuana card to use highly potent products derived from the marijuana plant.   

Also, it is vital to keep in mind that the Farm Bill became law in 2018. According to this bill, industrial hemp is fully legal on the federal level. The bill states that industrial hemp including its derivatives such as CBD is legal on the federal level. This development was a big hit for the cannabis community. It allowed cannabis users to legally transport, possess, and consume hemp-derived CBD products. However, this legalization has added a little bit of confusion. You see, marijuana is still illegal on the federal level. This also means that CBD oil derived from marijuana is still illegal in some states whereas hemp-derived CBD oil is fully legal. 

Eventually, it all boils down to the difference between cannabis and hemp. As mentioned above, if you understand the difference between cannabis-derived oil and hemp-derived oil, you will automatically understand the legalities surrounding cannabis. In the same vein, you also need to keep in mind that after the Farm Bill became law in 2018, hemp was officially removed from the list of schedule 1 substances. 

What’s More 

Medicinal Cannabis Extract Oil Bottle

The Farm Bill reclassified the term hemp as an agricultural commodity. And the new bill clearly stated that CBD derived from hemp is legal provided it follows some rules. These rules are as follows: 

  • The hemp should have less than 0.3% THC
  • The hemp should abide by the state-federal rules 
  • A state-licensed grower should cultivate or grow cannabis. 

The Farm Bill also eased the restriction on possession and purchase of hemp-derived CBD products. This is to say that you can transport hemp-derived CBD products across state lines. As long as people adhere to the above-stated regulations. There shouldn’t be any problem in consuming, possessing, selling or even transporting hemp-derived CBD products. However, the Farm Bill regulates hemp-derived products only. This means that marijuana-derived CBD is still illegal. Particularly in states that allow cannabis use for medicinal purposes. This also means that you need a medical marijuana recommendation in such states to avail of marijuana-derived CBD oil. 

Final Thoughts

CBD Oil Benefits

From the facts and laws stated above, two things are pretty clear. First, you need a medical cannabis recommendation or card for cannabis-derived CBD products in states that prohibit recreational cannabis use. Second, the legal boundaries disappear when CBD comes from the hemp plant. But if you seek cannabis-derived CBD oil without a recommendation, you can easily do the same if you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal. Otherwise, you need a card to purchase marijuana-derived CBD. Ultimately, what you should understand from this write-up is that it is quite necessary to understand the state cannabis laws. And you should know the source of CBD before making a legal purchase. 

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Get a cannabis card renewal to secure your supply during the COVID-19 pandemic

Worried about your cannabis stock? Well, if your recommendation is about to expire, getting a cannabis card renewal can ensure your supply for another year. This is especially important during the current pandemic when people are stocking up in bulk. So, if you are patient, this step can make the difference for you. 

Cannabis demand has increased during this pandemic

In spite of COVID 19, the demand for cannabis hasn’t decreased. In fact, it’s shooting to an all-time high in multiple states across the US. The main reason is that people are stocking up like crazy. There is no surety that when will normal life resume but for cannabis enthusiasts, the herb is important. Multiple businesses that were running in losses are recovering now. Along with that, people who sourced their supply from peddlers have shifted to legal stores. So, that has also added to the overall numbers. Cannabis industries are trying their best to ensure a healthy supply for all. In fact, they are now deemed as essential services. So, that means even if you cannot step out for a movie, you can definitely get your supply of cannabis. The delivery services are in place to ensure safe access for all. This just proves that cannabis is an essential part of American life. People are using it as an escape from COVID 19 stress. 

Benefits of getting a cannabis card renewal 

Getting a renewal is loaded with many benefits that are listed below: 

1) Ensures another year of supply

 If you’re a regular cannabis user, there is nothing more worrying than the possibility ok a break in the cannabis supply. Luckily, you can get a renewal easily. It’s possible to own a renewal pretty easily. Most 420 clinics have a provision for providing quick renewals to patients. In fact, telemedicine has made everything easier. Getting a renewal is much cheaper than getting a new card. So, it helps you save too. The best thing you can do is to get the renewal from the same clinic that furnished your MMJ card. You have a chance of carving a better deal for yourself. 

2) It will keep you stress-free in these times of social distancing

Social Distancing

Let’s accept that maintaining social distancing is tough for us. We are not programmed to stay in one place all day. It is bound to get stressful. In fact, people have been having anxiety attacks and many are facing symptoms of depression. Cannabis is an ideal therapy that can help people feel sane again. By ensuring another year of supply, a card renewal can bring a sense of ease in patients. They can access cannabis freely without any worries and use it to manage their stress. With mental clarity, spending time in quarantine would be much easier. 

3) It will help you keep a check on your health

Medical marijuana patients use cannabis to manage all kinds of conditions. These include anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain, epilepsy, PTSD, ADD, cancer, insomnia, and many more. If your card expires, it means you cannot use cannabis beyond the expiry. So, by getting a renewal, you can ensure the cannabis supply and use it to manage your health. This means even in these risky times of COVID 19, a simple renewal process can gift you the therapy you need. 

How to get a cannabis card renewal?

The process to get a cannabis card renewal is simple. In fact, telemedicine has made the entire process easy and quick. Just ensure that you find a certified clinic with verified experts to get a real deal. There are a lot of fake clinics in operation. So, you need to be a bit careful. Just take the help from reviews and ratings to find the right clinic for yourself. Well, the best thing you can do is to get it from the same clinic that provided you with a cannabis card. You already know the clinic’s expertise. So, it will help you save time. The process to get a renewal is pretty simple:

1) Contact a clinic and submit a request for renewal. You might have to fill up the details again if the clinic requests it. This does not take more than a few minutes. So, filling the form should be a breeze. 

2) The clinic goes through your application and health history. Then it links you to a certified cannabis doctor that will interact with you via video call. 

3) The doctor calls you to have a discussion via video call. The expert usually asks about your experience with cannabis. The main aim is to know if cannabis has induced a positive change in your health. They check your progress and see you actually cannabis for another year. 

4) If the doctors approve, you are eligible for renewal. The clinic sends it on your mail and a hard copy as per your request. 

What to expect after getting a renewal?

A cannabis renewal gives you the legal right to access cannabis for another year. This means that you won’t have to face any legal troubles or hassles while supplementing your supply. This also means that you can grow your own cannabis plants. It is especially a great idea to grow in these times of quarantine. It can keep you busy and functioning. The most important thing is that it allows you to access cannabis freely. People have been stocking up all kinds of cannabis products. So, you can do the same. 

Cannabis card renewal

You can purchase your favorite buds, edibles, tinctures, and other cannabis products. Well, another word of advice is that you should avoid smoking cannabis at this time. We mean to say that you should explore other options of ingestion like edibles and tinctures. According to experts, smoking is a major risk factor for COVID 19. It inflames the lungs and makes you susceptible to the virus. So, it’s not a good idea to put your health at risk. Instead, choose other delivery methods and dose safely. If you are worried about following the right approach, you should consult your doctor and take his or her advice. They can inform you about the risks and help you take the right dose. 

So, a cannabis card renewal can be your saving grace in these times of the pandemic. It can bless you with another year’s supply and help you unwind in peace. Many people claim that cannabis can be the cure for this coronavirus but we don’t have substantial proof yet. There is a need for research so that can we can reach a valid conclusion. Well, there is a lot that cannabis can do to keep you cheerful and happy during these challenging times. Dose safely and follow social distancing.

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5 Stupidest Things We’ve Ever Heard about Marijuana

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up one day and find the world free of all the stupid things people say? I’ll be so happy! I mean, I’m just fed up of listening to people claiming the earth is flat, or the universe revolves around the earth, or the number 13 is unlucky. It’s just so tiring for me And the worst of all: weed leads you to other stronger drugs. Can you believe people still believe this nonsense? And it’s not just this one. There are many more idiotic notions about the plant. 

With so much hype weed is getting, lately, and with so many people applying for an MMJ card, or even cannabis card renewal, we still have people who think marijuana is a dangerous and lethal drug. It’s just absurd!

Cannabis is helping people deal with so many physical and psychological conditions, like anxiety, chronic pain,  insomnia, depression, etc. But we still have these stupid notions clouding the reputation of this amazing plant. And to be very frank, in this modern era, very few things have evoked this much idiocy as marijuana. It would have been totally understandable if we were living in the 1920s or something.  But even in the 21st century, we believe these absurd ideas. And that too, when we know so much about it.

Today, we’ll be discussing a few of the stupidest things people still believe about our favorite plant- Marijuana.

Marijuana is Just like any other Fatal Drug

It was the year 1970 when marijuana was added to the list of schedule I drugs under the controlled substances act. This made it deemed equivalent to LDS and Heroin in terms of fatality. While in the 1970s, it could be forgiven considering it a stupid mistake, we still are dealing with the resistance of the federal government accepting the plant as non-dangerous. Even when we have a myriad of evidence suggesting the same.

Recently, in the year 2015 alone we saw more than 13,000 deaths which were due to heroin overdose. The number was six times more than in the year 2002. Meanwhile,  we are still waiting for a death incident to happen because of a marijuana overdose. The fact that we haven’t seen a single death due to marijuana overdose in the entire plant history is due to the impossibility of this happening. However, the federal lawmakers are still sticking hard to their idiotic idea of the plant’s fatality.

Weed is a Gateway to Other Drugs

This is probably one of the most famous myths, and certainly the most harmful one, regarding cannabis. It basically suggests that once you are into using marijuana, it’s almost inevitable for you to end up becoming addicted to the most dangerous drugs out there. You’ll be craving for it every single second of every single minute. And you’ll be ready to even sell yourself for a single hit.

Now the thing here is that even a common person, with just a bit of common sense, can understand the difference between correlation and causation. Yes, there might be some heroin addicts who have consumed weed in the past. But they may have consumed alcohol too. So, why not blame alcohol then, instead of marijuana?

It’s been more than a couple of decades that this gateway theory was debunked. Yet here we are, still fighting with this absurd idea every now and then.

Marijuana is Very Addictive

This theory is just the extension of the previous ludicrous gateway theory. But let’s accept the fact here guys- people are addicted to cannabis, just as they are to cocaine, alcohol, junk food, shopping, etc. However, the only thing that is banned in the list is cocaine. Why not the others too?

marijuana for medicinal purposes

Once again, science has come to the rescue. There are numerous studies out there pointing to the fact that marijuana, as compared to alcohol, nicotine and even caffeine, is much less addictive. In a study conducted in 2007, it was found that at least 40 percent of American adults have tried weed at least once. So, if it really is addictive, why do we have only around 4 to 9 percent of cannabis consumers who have a dependency on it? The studies have shown that there were more than one million people who were taking weed as a medicine in 2012. 

Now, if we talk about the overall dependency of marijuana as compared to other drugs, not more than 9 percent of people are dependent on it. On the other hand, for alcohol, the number touches 15 percent, for cocaine 17 percent, for heroin 23 percent and for tobacco 32 percent.

Marijuana makes you Lazy

If you think a cannabis user just lies on the sofa, playing video games all day long, eating Cheetos, with no sensible job and life, you probably have watched a lot of movies. While you can certainly find some weed lovers who match the description above, not every cannabis user is like this.

You probably have heard about Barack Obama, George Soros, John Stewart and many of their likes admitting to consuming cannabis in the past. Snoop Dog, a legendary American rapper, has, in fact, a card membership of a weed fan club. And all of these, in my opinion, are quite successful in their fields. So, I think we should remove this term “lazy” from the cannabis dictionary, immediately.

Weed Makes you a Criminal

According to the reports by the FBI, in the year 2018, every 48 seconds a person was arrested due to marijuana in the country. This probably is proof enough that marijuana is bad.

Not really, actually. We should not forget that cannabis is still an illegal drug in many of the states. And therefore, a person can be arrested for even possessing it in the slightest amounts. Though there are some studies linking a higher crime rate to more cannabis use, there is much more research showing that there’s no causal relationship between cannabis and crime.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Medicare And Telemedicine

I am sure people who are regular cannabis users have a fair idea about getting 420 evaluations using telemedicine services. That’s how they can get hold of Bakersfield marijuana products legally without any inhibitions. However, the world is going through a lockdown. And one needs a technology that could help to expand the healthcare services like never before. 

With keeping this in mind, I have put together some of the commonly asked questions that might be popping up in your mind as well. However, the answers might vary for different healthcare situations. So, let’s get started and clear some of your doubts regarding this novel technology. 


What Do You Mean by Telehealth And Telemedicine?

Telehealth and telemedicine both are terms used to describe a means to deliver healthcare using any form of telecommunication technology—for instance, phone and computer. If you come across someone giving a live telehealth visit, it merely means a doctor is consulting its patients using a video chat. 

What Type of Tools Do I Need For a Telemedicine Consultation?

Well, you won’t require any big machinery to get on for an online consultation. All you need is a computer or a mobile device with a functional camera and a microphone. So, if you don’t have any of these essentials, make sure you get one asap. Other than that, you will need a decent internet connection. And unlike what people think, wifi does work wonders for your telemedicine consultations. 

Just make sure you have an internet speed of at least 15mbps for uploads and 5mbps for downloads. That’s the only way you can see a doctor for your routine consultations or 420 evaluations to access Bakersfield marijuana online. 


Is Telemedicine Right For Me?

Well, whether or not you are fond of technology, telehealth is best for you, especially now when everyone is asking people to stay home for practicing social distancing. So, even if you are someone in your 90s, or a newborn baby, having consultations using Skype or Facetime will be beneficial like any other doctor’s visit. 

What Are The Type of Conditions Treated Using Telemedicine?

Currently, telehealth services are being used for a variety of specialties. Here are some of the examples: Rashes, flu, sinus infection, UTI, migraines, Acne, mental health counseling, post-op check-ins, lab-review results, prescription refills, and a lot more. Just check in with your doctor and see the services he can provide from a remote location. 

Now you probably have an idea why everyone is promoting telehealth in the Covid-19 crisis. Because one can receive consultation or prescription refills quickly without exposing themselves to any viral infection, for medical marijuana patients, they can smoothly go online to order their favorite Bakersfield marijuana online products without any hassles.

How Can a Doctor Diagnose my Condition Without Any Physical Examination?

Your doctor won’t be required to conduct any physical exam to diagnose or treat a lot of conditions. That’s because, for virtual visits, medical history is given more than 90 percent of imports. And when a doctor talks with a patient through video chat, things become clear. Plus, your picture uploads and the fact your doctor can see will help him to get all the required information for making a correct diagnosis. 

And all of that is possible using a simple app from the comfort of your home. 

When Can I go For a Telemedicine Consultation?

The process is pretty simple. However, it can vary from provider to provider. Check your healthcare provider’s website for an eVisit login. Answer a few questions and get started right away. Although working hours are mostly mentioned on the sites. But, you can make a call to know the specific hours when doctors will be available for a virtual visit. 

Since the number is flooding right now during the Covid-19 outbreak, you might face a bit of delay. But, patience is the key here. 

Bottom Line

Telehealth services are a novel technology that will revolutionize the current healthcare system. However, many are not using it because of a variety of reasons. But, amidst the Covid-19 attack, you must give yourself a chance to use this technology, whether, for routine healthcare or merely using it to access Bakersfield Marijuana, the choice is yours.

Remember: Stay Home. Stay Safe.

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Will a Cannabis Topical Make you Fail your Drug Test?

Are you a cannabis user? Then you probably are familiar with the amazing medicinal benefits the herb can offer to its users. From chronic pain to depression to even cancer, the herb can provide relief in so many critical health conditions. And due to this very reason, a myriad of people are now applying for Marijuana Evaluations in Bakersfield and many other places.

But with cannabis becoming an important part of our lives, the thing that stresses people the most is a drug test. We know marijuana is a drug and can show positive in any drug screening. And failing a drug test can be a very big deal for some people. Therefore, either people simply avoid using it, or try to find a way that they don’t fail the test.

Drug Test

But is there really any such way available?

Maybe there is!!!

As you are a cannabis user, you probably have heard about the cannabis topicals. They are widely popular, even among the non-traditional cannabis users, due to their amazing pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. And with the cannabis market expanding so rapidly, their use is now spreading at a much wider scale.

But can you pass a drug test after using cannabis topicals? Let’s find out.

What are Cannabis Topicals?

Topicals are the products that, instead of consuming orally, are applied directly to the skin. Balms, ointments, salves, etc. are some of the examples of topicals. As they are applied directly to the body, they are not used as a recreational substance, but instead only for therapeutic purposes.

These products can be used to target the problematic areas directly, and are quite useful in providing some good relief in pain and inflammation. But there are two main questions here. Firstly, will they get you high? And secondly, will you fail your drug test after using them?

Will You Get High?

Topicals contain a lot of cannabinoids. And among all, CBD is the most common one. But we all know that CBD has a plethora of medicinal benefits but does not have any psychoactive effects.

However, there are many topical products that do have some amount of THC. And THC is widely famous for making the users high. Therefore, being skeptical is quite understandable. However, when we apply the product, our skin acts as a protective barrier. The cannabinoids in the product bind with the CB receptors present in the skin, muscles, and nerves. But they get all absorbed before they could enter our blood. And we all know, THC can get you high only when it reaches the brain, which it cannot do without entering the blood.

medicinal benefits

Will You Fail Your Drug Test?

As topicals can’t get you high, you won’t fail your drug test. Yes, it’s true. But there are some exceptional cases.
Have you ever heard of “Transdermal Patches”? These are just like nicotine patches and give a strong dosage of ingredients to the user that has the chance of reaching the blood too. So, if you are using THC-rich transdermal patches, you may fail a drug test.

Final Advice

Cannabis is detectable in your body even after months when you last consumed it. For instance, a hair follicle drug test can identify THC in your body even after three months. Therefore, if you are switching to topicals, it’s better to consider when you last consumed cannabis in order to check if you may fail a drug test or not.

Also, even if the topicals cannot test make you fail your drug test, it’s better to handle it with care. Touching your eyes or mouth after you touch the topical may lead to THC entering your body. And this may put you at risk of failing a drug screening.
In the end, if you think cannabis can help you with any of your physical or psychological conditions, you should definitely apply for medical marijuana evaluations in Bakersfield. An MMJ card can save you from a lot of risks that are involved with failing a drug test. But remember, the laws may differ from state to state. So, do your research beforehand.

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How Long Does a Weed High Last?

You feel like you are banging your head every time you start looking for “how long does a weed high last.” Things always go overboard whenever you anxiously begin looking for different aspects of using cannabis— “how long does a weed last” being the first among them. I have been there too when I was going for my first 420 evaluation in Bakersfield.

Want to know a secret?

Nothing lasts forever. So does weed high. You will probably get over the euphoria within an hour or so. But can I be totally honest with you? Many factors govern the lasting euphoric effects of cannabis. Want to know how? Let’s dig a little deeper together and find out the probable reasons.

How Long Does a Weed High Last- The Interaction With Endocannabinoid System

Any effect that we feel is the summation of different metabolic or chemical processes occurring inside our body. So, the intensity of any product will rely on the sensitivity of your body to its ingredients. A lot of studies claim that cannabis effects might last from five hours to an entire day. It’s because many factors work against your high that could shorten the effects of cannabis.

weed high last

Let’s take the scientific route to understand this better.

Many feel that a person’s weight determines how long does a weed high last. But It’s a person’s metabolism that plays a critical part in the length of the effects. So, when the cannabis enters your system, the presence of THC in your bloodstream and its interaction with the endocannabinoid system will change the length of euphoria accordingly. So, if you have higher metabolic rates, the highs will be for a short time and vice versa.

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But that’s not all.

Another factor might play a part in changing high effects. And that’s tolerance. In layman terms, it is about whether you have high or low tolerance towards cannabis. Scientifically, it implies if you have higher or lower tolerance towards the reward center. So, you won’t get high after a certain point, as THC also has its limitations. Hence, if you reach that point and ask yourself, “how long does a weed high last,” the answer would be — probably not enough. That’s why doctors providing 420 evaluations in Bakersfield often ask their patients to go on a “tolerance break.” That’s how you can redeem your effects with the same dosage as you used when you started using cannabis.

How Long Does a Weed High Last-The Mathematical Route

If you are into biological functions and human anatomy, this equation might not be something you will be looking for. But, still, let’s make it a little fun for you and calculate “how long does a weed high last.” People in the business call it a “highness equation.”

So, the equation goes like this: Length of High = ( (dose x concentration) / (metabolism x tolerance) ) x delivery method. So, it takes into account the dosage of your product, the concentration of cannabinoids, your metabolism, and tolerance ratios.

But wait, there’s more.

Since we talked about the dose of the product, we need to cover some more basics. For instance, the type of consumption will change the efficacy of the product, along with its onset of action. For example, the range can vary from three hours to as long as 24 hours.

weed high last

How Long Does a Weed High Last-The Consumption Method

Since medical marijuana is rising in popularity, the manufacturers are working on creating different products to lure customers. For example, you can find joints, vape pens, concentrates, dry flowers, cannabis oils, tinctures, sublingual, topicals, and a lot more.

So, “how long does a weed high last” in different consumption methods.

If you talk about a joint or a bowl, the THC concentration varies between eight to 35 percent. Ideally, the high lasts up to two hours. On the other side, if you go for dabbing concentrates like shatter, wax, or budder, you can remain high for a longer time. Edibles like brownies or gummies can be useful if you are looking for long-lasting effects. It’s because when THC gets into the system, its metabolic process is entirely different from that of smoking. You can expect hours of euphoric effects.

So, whatever consumption method you choose after your 420 Bakersfield CA, the type of metabolic process will determine the efficacy and lasting of the product.

How Long Does a Weed High Last-Final Thoughts

Things are not as bad as you might have thought it to be while searching for “how long does a weed high last.” So, finally, you got a feel of what’s going inside your system. Therefore, now you can get over with all the myths or ideas that were rolling in your mind. Perhaps you should go for different consumption methods to determine how cannabis effects last for you. If you are already into cannabis, you probably have an idea of what we discussed here. Whatever be the case, enjoying while it lasts is the key to attain the maximum benefits. Especially if you are using it for medical purposes after your 420 evaluations in Bakersfield, now I am going to stop you here and ask you to share your cannabis high stories with us. “Sharing is caring.” Isn’t it?

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Get a Medical Cannabis Card. Get Off These Elderly Conditions

Marijuana provides lots of health benefits. Unlike prescription medications, it’s safe and effective. In recent years, the number of opioids prescriptions have been reduced in cannabis legalized states.

Cannabis is still illegal as per federal regulations. However, its medical use is legal in more than 30 states. To access cannabis legally from state-licensed dispensaries, you require a doctor signed medical cannabis card. The card is valid for one year from the day it is issued, and after that, you need to renew it for another year.

Marijuana use is getting popular among people of all age groups—adults and seniors. Seniors can benefit from the therapeutic properties of the herb in many ways. Read on to learn more.

How Can Seniors Benefit From Medical Marijuana?

Let’s look at some of the major illnesses, which can be treated using medical cannabis-


Pain is a common condition among seniors. In the United States, about 60-75% of people above the age of 65 have at least some persistent pain. Medical marijuana can help older adults get off pain, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re among individuals who don’t like smoking, you can try some other cannabis consumption methods. These include vaping, edibles, and oils. However, marijuana-infused creams, lotions, and rubs are also available, which you can apply directly to the affected areas to receive immediate effects.


Medical researchers have found that CBD (cannabidiol) is effective in reducing anxiety and improving the quality of life. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, which doesn’t cause high effects.

Marijuana provides the ultimate relaxing effects and boosts mood & memory. This can help anxiety sufferers manage their symptoms completely.

Cannabinoids in cannabis can help in promoting sleep by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system. It’s clear that if you’re well-rested, you will not feel tired and be able to focus on work.


Medical marijuana is effective in managing various symptoms of cancer patients, especially when they’re going through chemotherapy sessions. The herb’s therapeutic effects can help in controlling nausea and vomiting. Marinol and Cesamet are two THC-infused pills that are approved by the FDA. These pills can help cancer patients in managing nausea.

Neuropathy is another complication of chemotherapy. It involves weakness, tingling, and numbness. Medical cannabis provides ultimate relief for patients experiencing pain from neuropathy, thus improving their quality of life.

The effects of cannabis can vary depending on how you consume the cannabinoids. Smoking/vaping delivers cannabinoids to the bloodstream and provides effects quickly. When you take marijuana edibles, it may take hours to feel the effects.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Patients with Alzheimer’s disease can benefit from medical marijuana for managing symptoms such as depression and loss of appetite. Cannabinoids present in marijuana work by binding to the receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system. This helps in improving memory and cognitive functions.

To receive the desired benefits, patients should choose the right cannabis strains (with optimal levels of CBD and THC) for their conditions.

In conclusion, as people age, chances of occurrence of conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. increase. Cannabis can help in managing symptoms of these conditions completely. Marijuana has over 100 cannabinoids, which provide amazing therapeutic benefits. When you take the cannabinoids, they bind to the receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system, thus providing relaxing effects.

However, the effects of marijuana on your body depend on how cannabinoids are delivered to the body. Smoking and vaping provide immediate effects while cannabis edibles may take hours to deliver its effects. Talk to a licensed doctor to discuss your condition and seek professional help for what’s right for your condition.

Apply for your medical cannabis card to get legal access to cannabis for medical use.

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