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No! The medical marijuana card issued to you is only legal in the state of California. If you relocate, you need to get a new MMJ card specific to that state. This is because every state has its own laws regarding medical marijuana.

There are a number of conditions that qualify for a medical marijuana card in California. These include AIDS, muscle spasms, migraine, anorexia, pain, depression, cachexia, epilepsy, and arthritis. For a complete list of these qualifying conditions, kindly refer to California Proposition 215, with revised Senate Bill 420.

Yes, recreational cannabis is legal in the state and you can get it easily in a dispensary near you. But recreational cannabis includes a minimal number of strains which may or may not be effective for your condition. While with a medical cannabis card, you can access thousands of strains which will help you get the right one for your condition.

Medical marijuana has been proven to be very effective for a number of emotional as well as physical ailments. And with its legalization, a person can choose to get medical marijuana treatment without any hesitance. All you need is a medical marijuana card to buy legal MMJ strains in the city. And yes, it is totally worth it. From anxiety, depression, stress to arthritis, epilepsy, and even cancer; medical marijuana has shown to be really helpful in managing these conditions.