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Best Wax Pens

What is Wax Pens?

We all know that as time passes, the world updates itself according to the trend. This happens in everything, starting from a nib of the pen to the wings of an airplane. We have many examples from different inventions like from a calculator to the computer, from Matchbox to lighter, from typewriter to 3D printer, from hand fan to air conditioner, and there are a lot of things. This happens to smoke also. The weed, or we can say the marijuana smokers also are getting updated according to the trend. The wax pens made the smokers modern; it took them from classical trend to the 21st century.

It provides you the dose of THC without going under any combustion process. It only looks sleek, but it delivers a quality of highness. Apart from highness, you also get rid of the burnt seeds, the harsh smokes. And the smell of weed on your hair and the clothes.  Yes! Wax Pens smell and here’s how you minimize it. Do you really want to understand the potency provided by the dab vape pens? If yes, then there is no other way to vape by the dab or say it wax vape pens. Many get confused about the wax vape pen, concentrate pen, and dab vaporizer. So, you need not worry because all these are the same thing. Yes, you heard it the same; all these are a single item.

Young Man Smoking Vape

We can easily understand why wax vape pens are getting popular as it makes you high without any danger. But in the old way of smoking, it was very dangerous. Previously the smokers had to heat a dab in order to concentrate on a nail by using a blow torch. This process involved the fire and was a dangerous way of smoking. Therefore, we can say that the wax vape pen is a very good alternative to it. In this article, we are going to see some of the best Wax vape pens and there pros and cons. So, let us move to our topic.

Best Wax Pens

We are going to give you the names of some of the best wax pens available, which you can use to get high skipping the traditional dangerous method of being high. Here we go with the wax pens.

· The Sol E-Nectar Wax Pen

It is a versatile device having two in one function. It is compatible with the wax having a heat-up time of 1 sec. and have a battery life of 8 hours.

Pros –

  1. Variable voltage
  2. It has a very quick heat up time.
  3. The availability of spare coils.

Cons –

  1. Very small battery and does not have a decent battery backup time.
  2. Have a very slow charge uptime.

These are some of the pros and cons of the product Sol E-Nectar Wax Pen.

· KandyPens Crystal Dab Wax Pen

This is one of the best, and it has proved it. It is an Award-Winning Pen for Dabs and concentrates.

Pros –

  1. It gives you an excellent service.
  2. It has very high durability and comes with great build material. It is totally made of stainless steel.
  3. It is very simple in use.
  4. All – ceramic atomizer gives you great taste and highness.

Cons –

  1. It has a very low battery life. It gives you service only up to 8 hours in a stretch.

· KandyPens Prism

Here comes one more product from KandPens. It controls the whole session of intensity. Unlike the above two, it is compatible with wax and oil as well. It has a very less battery life of only 4 hours.

Pros –

  1. Comes with a wide temperature range which are 320° Celsius, 350° Celsius, 390° Celsius, 430°
  2. Applicator tool is also available.

Cons –

  1. Battery life is very low. It gives you a battery of 320 mAh and has only 4 hours of battery life.
  2. Heat up time is high.

· Mig Vapor Wasp

The slim and compact body of this product makes it unique. You can stealth it very easily. It is compatible with wax and oil and has the battery life of 7 hours.

Pros –

  1. The body of this product is very compact and easy to port.
  2. It is durable also and well made from quality products.
  3. It gives you the cutting – edge of carborundum coils.

Cons –

  1. No adjustable settings.

Final words

In this article, we have seen four best wax vape pens, which you can use with much ease. It will make you high wit a great pleasure. Lastly, I want to thank you for spending your time reading this article and appreciating our thoughts.

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