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Think Again About Using Bakersfield Marijuana With Your Heart Medications

Every second count. Well, atleast, it’s the case for heart patients. A heart patient dies every 37 seconds in the United States. 1 out of every death in the country is because of one or the other heart condition. Like any other known condition, Bakersfield marijuana seems to be a cure for this medical issue as well. Surveys predict more than 2 million Americans already using cannabis as an adjunct therapy with their current medications.

However, recently a survey found that the drug might interact with some common heart medications such as statins or blood thinners. Simply put, you might be at risk if you don’t stop either of the therapy. 

Talking About The Review

The scientists working on this report revealed that using marijuana while on statins could change the course of action of these drugs. It is because of the enzymes in the liver that breakdown statins or thinners. They work for marijuana s well. So, the effectiveness or the potency reduce in the presence of the weed. For instance, marijuana might enhance the levels of blood thinners in the body that result in excessive bleeding. Therefore, marijuana doctors ask their patients using Bakersfield marijuana to cut down on dosage by 30% when using warfarin.

bakersfied marijuana

On the other hand, marijuana might increase the potency of the statins, increasing blood pressure. Your doctor must know about your prescription medications so that he/she can adjust your dosage accordingly. According to a study “What is the Current Knowledge About the Cardiovascular Risk for Users of Cannabis-Based Products?” there might be an association between marijuana use and a range of heart conditions. Some scientists believe that smoking cannabis could be a risk factor for cardiovascular health issues. They think that the cardiotoxins produced by the weed could be risky for such patients. 

Another report found that more than 30 studies showed that marijuana smoking was among the top three heart attack triggers. Because smoking weed could result in increased heart rate or blood pressure. Some studies even pointed to the fact that marijuana could contribute to an increase in weight. And that could itself be a risk on the heart. 

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Should You Use Bakersfield Marijuana For Your Heart Condition?

Only a few scientists advocate the fact that marijuana could be beneficial for cardiovascular health. Think about it; there are many medications that have some severe effects when taken with other prescribed medications. It could happen. So, what is so surprising if marijuana might be responsible for something. It’s the patient that needs to be transparent about their medical history when applying for a medical marijuana card renewal. Also, the way users ingest marijuana might play a role in the development of heart diseases. A data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System found that more than 80% of the users prefer smoking marijuana.

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Shifting to other options posing limited threats will be the key to stop such cardiovascular events. For instance, you can go for tinctures, sublingual, oils, or concentrates in appropriate doses to prevent heart attacks. Using Bakersfield marijuana with clear instructions help patients avoid any serious effects. 

Bottom Line 

One cannot control the use of marijuana when everyone across the country is finally accepting its presence. So, the first step towards a blissful connection will be if you have an open discussion with your family doctor or the medical marijuana specialists. It is advised to avoid weed if you are already a heart patient. Based on the reports or surveys, patients with recent heart attacks or the ones hospitalized for heart issues must never use marijuana or limit its use. Just have clear counseling about the products and dosage you can use if you already are on any prescriptions. 

The best thing to avoid something big is to pay attention to your body. See if marijuana is affecting your heart beats in any way. One of the professors at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland stated that keeping a close watch on palpitations, pounds, or beat skipping will help to avoid any severe after-effects. Using Bakersfield marijuana is not a bad thing. But, understanding that it is not perfect for every situation will prevent any heart attacks. Just talk to your doctor and understand the pros and cons. 

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Top Compelling Benefits of Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

If you’re unable to make your mind with whether to get your medical marijuana card renewal or not, this post is for you!
Since marijuana is legal in California, getting your MMJ card renewed might seem unnecessary to you. But, we suggest you must think once again. Because without that, you are missing out on a ton of benefits. Check the most compelling advantages among them listed below. Maybe you find out the reason for why you should hang onto your MMJ card.

It Keeps Your Wallet Heavy

Keeps Your Wallet Heavy

No, not because of its weight, but because of its ability to save you money. MMJ cardholders can skip paying sales taxes on all marijuana products. Approximately 15% of the sale tax is charged on cannabis commodities. Moreover, purchasing recreational products can make you pay anywhere from 14% to 20% more than the price of medical marijuana. So, your medical marijuana card renewal ends up saving you major bucks.
The application process for an MMJ card is super simple and renewed at very affordable prices. Plus, it’s a one-time yearly fee which you’ll quickly offset by the savings in buying cannabis. Medical marijuana dispensaries also offer additional reward programs and discounts to their regular customers. You can also find referring programs when you shop at MMJ dispensaries. It’s like additional opportunities for savings. In a nutshell, keeping your MMJ card helps you reserve a lot of funds.

You Get Access to Variety of High-Quality Products

Cannabis products

Having an MMJ card means better access to a wider variety of high-quality cannabis products. There is a wide variety of medical cannabis commodities as compared to recreational products. Not only this, MMJ offers you higher-grade strains with different THC: CBD ratios. It means that you’ll get more potent products that are more efficient in treating your symptoms. Furthermore, you are also allowed to grow your herb with medical marijuana card renewal.
Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Authorize You For Fewer Restrictions
MMJ cardholders are aware that there are fewer restrictions on using or possessing marijuana for medicinal purposes than for recreational use. For instance, in California, if you do not have an MMJ card and you are less than 21- you can not purchase cannabis products. On the other hand, with an MMJ card, you are legally authorized to purchase medical marijuana as long as you are 18 or above. This is of utmost benefit to minors with health issues that require MMJ treatment.
Those having an MMJ card face fewer regulations on possessing the herb. Recreational users are only sanctioned to carry one ounce or eight grams in raw form and 10mg in the form of edibles. Contrary to that, people with a cannabis card are allowed to buy and carry as much cannabis as their medical condition requires. Provided that, they have their MMJ card handy with them at all times.

Gives You Advantage To Grow More Plants

Grow More Cannabis products

Another compelling benefit of Cannabis Card Renewal is the ability to grow more cannabis plants. Recreational marijuana users are allowed to grow only six cannabis plants. In contrast to that, cannabis cardholders can grow as much as they want in any 100 square foot area of their property.
That means you do not have to stuck with the dispensary products that don’t work for you. You can grow your herb that fits your particular needs.

Final Takeaways

Clearly, there are tons of advantages of medical marijuana card renewal even though marijuana is no more illegal in California. It helps in saving you sale taxes on the purchase of medical marijuana and offers you a variety of high-quality strains. So, renew your MMJ Card today and experience all of its benefits.

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Nitty Gritty Of Medical Marijuana Card Renewal in California

In general, California has a liberal attitude towards cannabis use in the state. It is not only legal to consume marijuana for medicinal purposes by the state’s 1996 legislature; but also for recreational use (after 2016).

Nevertheless, many tend toward medical marijuana as it is less expensive than taxed cannabis products. And in order to purchase medical cannabis from a dispensary, you need a medical marijuana card. This article outlines all the essential aspects of this card, such as – who is qualified for this, state laws for medical marijuana card renewal, and much more. 

Am I Qualify For the California Medical Marijuana Program?

To enroll in this program, one must be a resident of California and should have qualifying medical conditions. Although cannabis is entirely legal, the authorities want to ensure that only patients with debilitating conditions take the benefit of the MMJ program. 

Conditions that make you qualify include Arthritis, AIDS or HIV, Anxiety, Multiple sclerosis, Cancer, Glaucoma, Fibromyalgia, Chronic pain, Migraine headaches, Chronic conditions, Chemotherapy, and radiation therapy side effects. 

In case you’re unsure about your condition is eligible for a medical marijuana card or not; consult to a physician before pursuing the application process. 

Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Process: 

The first step for the medical marijuana card renewal process is to look for a nearby state-licensed physician. You can even go for the one that has evaluated your request earlier. Once you find the adequate one; make an appointment to let the health care professional know that you’re seeking the renewal of your medical marijuana recommendation.

On the appointment, the doctor will examine your medical records, past treatments, and prescriptions. Based on that evaluation, they feel you are eligible; they’ll renew your recommendation. 

However, if you don’t wish to visit a doctor in person or you’re at an out-of-the-way location, take advantage of the telehealth portals. Yes, California state laws allow you to conduct your medical appointments online via video conferencing. This way, you can get your recommendation revived online through secure web consultation.

Where And How To Get My Marijuana Card Renewed? 

Although therapeutic cannabis is legal in thirty-three states; still, it could be a nightmare to get your card renewed in some of these locations. Fortunately, California is not one of these as it allows citizens to conduct evaluations and recommendations remotely. This is very helpful in cities like Bakersfield, where there are not enough clinics to handle in-person evaluations. Moreover, online assessments are fast, secure, and can be performed from the comfort of one’s own place.

There are many such services available in and nearby Bakersfield; however, one premier option is 420 For Me. They have a simple three-step program to get your recommendation renewed: 

First Step

The first step is to fill a pre-qualification form and choose a time for your appointment. 

Second Step

Our certified physician will communicate with you to schedule your appointment. From there, based on the pre-qualification, we will move forward with the evaluation. If your condition qualifies for medical marijuana treatment in the assessment, you will have your card renewed in no time. 

Final Step

Once you get the doctor’s approval, the recommendation will be on its way to you. Yes, it’s that simple!

What truly sets us apart from others is that if they entertain your previous recommendation from any doctor. Additionally, we are available 24/7, and you get your recommendation online in just less than 10 minutes. Hence, you can buy cannabis on the very same day- you apply for the renewal. The hard copy gets mailed to you, and you can expect it in your mailbox within three business days.

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