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For Anxiety Patients – These Cannabis Strains Can Help

Cannabis is proven helpful for fighting anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, and other mental illnesses. Research shows that cannabinoids in marijuana work with the endocannabinoid system to reduce the risks of panic attacks, excessive worrying, and sleep problems. With a medical marijuana card, you can easily access cannabis products.

In today’s post, we are going to discuss top cannabis strains that work perfectly for patients suffering from anxiety.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a THC-dominant strain that has amazing mind-altering properties. The strain is perfect for anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia. Consumers agree that the strain provides mental stimulation and promotes focus on the tasks they are doing. Jack Herer is also helpful in boosting creativity.

This strain has limonene, a terpene with amazing mood uplifting effects, and can help in managing depression symptoms. Flavors include woody, pine, and earthy. You can grow Jack Herer indoors with a flowering time of 50-70 days.


It is known for providing uplifting and relaxing effects. Cannatonic has 12 percent CBD content while THC content is 7 percent. It can help ease anxiety, pain, muscle spasms, and stress. You can use this strain at any time of the day through any method, smoking, vaping, edibles, etc. When grown indoors, Cannatonic takes 9-11 weeks to flower. You can produce up to 500 g of cannabis per plant.

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White Widow

White Widow is a Sativa-dominant strain, which can help boost energy levels and fight anxiety and depression. Consumers report feeling happy and relaxed after using this strain. It contains THC content between 18 percent and 25 percent while CBD is 0.2 percent. White Widow buds are covered in long-stalked trichomes. The plants of this strain can grow more than 6 feet in height. When cultivated indoors, it starts flowering in just 9 weeks. Since White Widow is a mold-resistant strain, you can also grow it outdoors.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is an Indica strain, which relaxes the mind and relieves anxiety and stress. The strain is also effective in managing pain, lack of appetite, and insomnia. It contains THC content of about 20 percent that provides potent effects to the body and mind. Primary terpenes available in this strain are myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene. Consumers report receiving mental relief after consuming Granddaddy Purple. It’s often used by people to get off feelings of anxiety caused by traumatic life events. The strain provides deep relaxation, thus improving your activity levels.

Amnesia Haze

It’s a Sativa-dominant strain, which is known for providing uplifting effects. Amnesia Haze has won the Best Sativa in the Cannabis Cup in 2012 and 1st place in the 2004 Cannabis Cup. The strain is popular for reducing symptoms of common mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression. You can enjoy this strain before going to bed, and it will make you sleep soundly. It has a distinct aroma due to the presence of high levels of limonene, a terpene with ultimate mood-boosting properties.

Get MMJ Recs Online

If you want to purchase the above-listed strains for fighting anxiety and depression, you require a medical marijuana card signed by a board-certified doctor. In California, the card is valid for 12 months, and you need to renew it for another year. Using telemedicine services, you can apply for a new card or MMJ renewal without leaving your home. Here’s the process-

  • Fill a simple form online
  • Talk to a licensed doctor through the HIPAA-compliant software
  • Receive MMJ recs in PDF format via email

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Final Thoughts

Marijuana cannabinoids bind to receptors in the endocannabinoid system, thus boosting mood, easing sleep problems, and managing other anxiety symptoms. If you want to ease your symptoms completely, you need to consume the right strains. Some of the best strains for anxiety sufferers are Granddaddy Purple, Amnesia Haze, White Widow, Cannatonic, and Jack Herer. For beginners, we recommend starting with a low dose and increasing it gradually. Also, select the right cannabis consumption method since how cannabinoids are delivered into the body greatly influences the effects.

Talk to a licensed doctor online to apply for a new card or renew medical marijuana card.

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An Introduction to Smoking Cannabis With a Bong

Smoking a bong is a great way to consume cannabis for medical purposes. It allows you to deliver cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream, thus providing immediate medicinal effects. Although how to consume cannabis is a personal preference, using a bong has many advantages. It can help you have a smoother experience without fiddling around with the papers.


Bongs generate smoke by heating flowers or buds. Flower refers to the part of the marijuana plant, which has gone through different processes, such as cultivation, drying, and curing. With a medical marijuana card, you can purchase different types of cannabis flowers with different levels of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD.


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What’s a Bong?

A bong is a kind of pipe, which is used for smoking cannabis. It produces a clean-tasting, smooth marijuana smoking experience. The use of water helps in filtering harmful chemicals. Various studies published in the 1970s say that THC tends to pass through the water while leaving behind the harmful substances, which can cause certain health issues.

Bongs are available in many sizes and come with various features that can help enhance the smoking experience. The major parts of a bong are-


It holds the buds, which are heated to generate the smoke. The bowl is made entirely from glass, however, some manufacturers also use metal or copper materials.


It’s a tube to which the bowl and the bong are connected to each other. The stem extends into the base, and is partially submerged in water.


It holds water. The base is the part where the smoke is generated and bubbled out from the water.


A large cylinder that acts as the path for the smoke. It extends up from the base.


A large opening in the upper portion of the bong, where the smoke is inhaled into the mouth.

How Does a Bong Work?

Before you use a bong, you need to learn how to prepare it. Start by adding water until the stem is submerged. Usually, 3-7 cm of the stem should be in the water, based on the size of your bong. However, some smokers like using other liquids instead of water to enhance the taste. Now, fill the bowel with marijuana buds by breaking them into small pieces. In case you are smoking with a group of friends, you should pack enough cannabis.

After you prepared the bong, it’s now time to enjoy the hits. Light the cannabis inside the bowl, and get the mouthpiece ready to draw the smoke. If you are smoking with your friends, make sure you light a small edge to make it last for a long time.

The smoke will get collected in the chamber, and you can inhale it through the mouthpiece. The smoke containing cannabinoids will reach the bloodstream, thus delivering immediate medicinal effects.

Cleaning your bong is necessary to achieve the best flavor. Remove the sticky resin completely as it can lead to the development of mold and bacteria. Follow the basic bong cleaning tips, and don’t take long.

Are There Any Health Risks?

Although smoking marijuana through a bong filter the smoke through water, it’s not 100 percent safe. The CDC and other health organizations say that marijuana smoke generates many of the same toxins as cigarette smoke. So, smoking cannabis can result in lung damage and various other health issues. 

However, some patients prefer using bongs made from the plastic material. Plastic containing BPA and phthalates can cause various adverse effects, such as cancer.

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Use These Simple Tricks to Save Money on Your Next Cannabis Purchase

There’s perhaps no doubt in the fact that cannabis has now become a very important pillar of the US health industry now. With so many people getting a medical cannabis card, anyone can argue in favor of the potential of the herb in helping people manage their ailments. We can say that marijuana, today, is working like magic for people, helping them lead a better and happier life!

However, in the marijuana world too, it’s not always bright and sunny. There are many problems that a marijuana user has to face. And one of the biggest issues with cannabis is that the products are often very costly. Given this, it becomes very difficult for some people to continue their treatment. And a lot of times, marijuana users look for ways to get their costs down while buying their supplies.

Fortunately, there are some tricks that can help you do this. And in this post, we are going to discuss a few of the most successful ones.

Mix Different Strains

See, one of the very major problems with most marijuana consumers is that they have one strain always favorite to them. And every time they set their foot in a dispensary, the first thing they look for is that particular strain. However, marijuana experts say that this practice may prove very costly to them.

There are actually two reasons for this.

First of all, there is a probability that the one strain you are buying is quite costly, itself. This can make you spend a lot on it. And secondly, consuming a single strain for a long time can lead you to develop tolerance toward it. Due to this, in order to continue feeling its effects, you may need it in higher quantities, which again means more spending.

Experts sat that a very easy solution to this problem would be to buy multiple strains instead of one. And prefer adding one or two cheaper strains to your list. This will help you with both the above problems. By adding cheaper strains to your list, you are spending less. Plus, by consuming different strains, you won’t develop tolerance toward one.

Buy in Bulk

Here too, the benefit is twofold. First of all, you are saving on your time and gas money by visiting the dispensary only once instead of every couple of days when you are out of supplies. And secondly, as you are buying more, you may get some discounts on it. In fact, many dispensaries have a running offer with a 5 to 10 percent discount on a purchase of more than a specific amount. But if there is no such offer available at the place you are shopping, you can directly ask your budtender. In most cases, they will provide you with a discount seeing you are spending a good amount. Additionally, if you are a regular there, you can get a “loyalty off” too.

Get a Medical Cannabis Card

Using cannabis as a medicine but don’t have a medical cannabis card? Well, you are missing a lot.

Now, a lot of people would say- why get an MMJ card when cannabis is legal recreationally in our state?

Well, there are many benefits of having an MMJ card even in a recreational state. And we are going to start with the one that concerns the most to us right now. And that is the price. A medical cannabis card can help you save a lot on your supplies.


Well, first of all, when buying cannabis, along with the cost of the herb, there are many state taxes and other fees that customers have to pay. However, if you are a medicinal user, you can get an exemption from many of these taxes. This way, an MMJ card can save you up to 25 to 30 percent depending upon the state you are living in. And secondly, a lot of times marijuana dispensaries come up with various offers and discounts, especially for medicinal users. Having said that, all in all, if you have a medical cannabis card, you may save up to around 40 percent on all your cannabis purchases.

In addition to this, some of the other benefits of an MMJ card include better quality, higher possession limits, legal protection, and many more. So, if you don’t have this card, you should apply for your 420 evaluations and get it now.

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Marijuana Smoking & Cancer – Everything You Need to Know

Marijuana is becoming legal in more states in the United States. While there are many health benefits of consuming the herb, there are some concerns related to its downsides. One is—does smoking marijuana link to cancer?

Well, there’s no solid scientific research related to this available. However, there’s some evidence that cannabis smoke contains many harmful chemicals as cigarette smoke. Thus, smoking marijuana can cause some risks to lung health. Let’s have a comprehensive discussion on the topic.

Effects of Smoking Marijuana on Lung Health

According to the CDC, cigarette smoking is one of the major risks associated with lung cancer. In the United States, about 80-90 percent of all lung cancer deaths occur due to cigarette smoking. There are over 7000 harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke. However, other tobacco products can also increase the risks of lung cancer.

Some studies have found that when you smoke cannabis, it generates the same chemicals as tobacco smoke. Some of them include benzo(a)pyrene, benz(a)anthracene, phenols, vinyl chlorides, and nitrosamines.

There are several reasons why marijuana smokers are at a high risk of developing lung problems. One is they inhale the smoke deeply, thus toxins have more contact with the lungs.

Additionally, most of the people smoke marijuana through joints. When you burn a joint, it produces sticky stuff known as tar, which is harmful to lung health.

However, scientists have found that there are some risks to the development of cancer in the future in regular cannabis smokers.

Regular marijuana smoking can also lead to physical airway damage and bronchitis. According to the American Lung Association, inhaling secondhand marijuana smoke can cause lung cancer.

Some case studies show that smoking cannabis can lead to lung infections, including pneumonia in patients with immune deficiencies. This usually happens due to the immune-suppressing properties of THC, the major psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana.

Contrary to that, some studies say that marijuana smoke is different from tobacco smoke. The cannabis plant contains THC and CBD, which have amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antioxidant properties.

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Thus, more large scale studies are required to determine how exactly marijuana affects lung health and whether it causes cancer.

portratit scientist mask glasses checking cannabis

What Does The American Cancer Society Have To Say?

Since most of the marijuana smokers are also cigarette smokers. So, it’s hard to determine the effects of marijuana smoking on lung cancer. Additionally, with cigarette smoking, people tend to smoke less cannabis. So, it’s not easy to evaluate how marijuana impacts lung health. More research is required to know the risks of cancer from smoking cannabis.

According to the American Cancer Society, marijuana is still illegal in some places. So, it may contain other chemicals, which can cause various health issues.

Smokeless Methods of Cannabis Consumption

To avoid the health issues associated with smoking cannabis, you can opt for some smokeless methods to consume the herb. These are-


Vaping is considered as a safe way to deliver cannabinoids into the body quickly. A vaporizer is used for converting cannabis into vapors, which are inhaled through the mouthpiece. One major advantage of vaporization is that cannabis is heated at a lower temperature than smoking. This can help preserve active ingredients, and also the original taste of marijuana.

Dabbing is a popular form of vaping, which allows consumers to receive cleaner, powerful hits. Cannabis concentrates contain about 80-90 percent of THC while flowers contain about 20 percent of THC.


Edibles are brownies, chocolate bars, coffees, pizzas, etc. infused with cannabinoids. So, you can eat marijuana for managing your symptoms. However, edibles don’t work the same way as smoking or vaping. When you eat cannabis, the active ingredients are absorbed in the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream and brain. So, it takes 30-90 minutes to feel the effects of edibles. Also, cannabis-infused edibles last longer than other consumption methods.

So, you should dose edibles properly to get the required health benefits.


These are marijuana extracts with a solvent—alcohol or glycerine. Alcohol-based tinctures are absorbed faster than tinctures made from glycerine. Tinctures allow consumers to dose cannabis properly, thus avoiding the risks of overdose.

At medical dispensaries, you can find a wide range of cannabis tinctures with different levels of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. For beginners, we recommend starting with low doses of CBD tinctures. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which is known for providing anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects without causing high effects as THC.


Topicals are popular for providing localized relief from pain, aches, and inflammation. These include creams, lotions, balms, etc. infused with THC and CBD. Topicals work by binding to receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system. Most topicals don’t reach the bloodstream. However, transdermal patches can reach the bloodstream, thus can cause high effects associated with THC.

Cannabis Can Help Ease Chemotherapy Risks

Medicinal properties of marijuana can help in managing the side-effects of cancer chemotherapy. These include pain, nausea, inflammation, mood swings, constipation, fatigue, itching, weight loss, etc.

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There are two marijuana-based drugs approved in the United States. These are Dronabinol (Marinol®) and Nabilone (Cesamet®). Another cannabinoid drug Nabiximols is still under research in the United States. It is a mouth spray containing THC and CBD. It’s approved in Canada and some parts of Europe for managing cancer-related pain and MS-related muscle spasms and pain.

However, some studies have reported that cannabis cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD can help slow the growth of cancer cells.

According to the American Cancer Society, they support more research on marijuana for cancer. Additionally, there’s a need for more effective treatment plans for cancer patients and managing side-effects associated with cancer chemotherapy.

Marijuana Legality in The United States

Hemp CBD Growing

As per federal regulations, marijuana is still illegal and listed as a Schedule 1 Drug. However, many states have legalized cannabis in some form. For instance, the medical use of cannabis is legal in 33 US states currently. That means, by getting a 420 card in a cannabis-legalized state, you can legally buy, possess, and use marijuana for medical purposes.

To get a medical marijuana card, you must be diagnosed by a condition listed in your state’s MMJ qualifying conditions. You can talk to an MMJ doctor and get evaluated.

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With telemedicine technology, it has become very easy to apply for 420 evaluations online. That means you can see a doctor online and receive your MMJ rec letter in PDF via email. It takes less than 10 minutes. The process includes-

  • Sign up an account
  • Talk to a licensed doctor through HIPAA-compliant software
  • Receive MMJ recs via email

Key Takeaways

Cannabis smoke contains many toxins and carcinogens present in tobacco smoke. Thus, it can damage lung health. Some experts believe that cannabis smokers are at high risk of lung cancer. This is because they inhale the smoke deeply, thus toxins remain in contact with the lungs longer. Additionally, the majority of the consumers prefer joints, and burning joints produces tar, which is not good for lung health.

If you want to use cannabis for health benefits, such as anxiety relief, pain management, etc. along with reducing risks of smoking, prefer other consumption methods. These include vaping, tinctures, edibles, etc.

See a doctor online to get your 420 card.

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How To Add CBD To Your Daily Wellness Routine

With the current state of the nation, CBD can go a long way to help you deal with a lot of problems. And the best part is you don’t even need 420 evaluations or a medical marijuana card to purchase CBD derived from hemp. You can ease pain, anxiety, and stress caused due to a depressive episode in your life. All you have to do is find a way to adjust CBD in your wellness routine. It can be in the form of oil to help you get relief from pain or a CBD flower to help you alleviate the symptoms of anxiety.                                    

Even though CBD lacks scientific evidence and research, a few studies have found CBD therapeutically beneficial. Also, there’s no denying that cannabis falls under a gigantic grey area. All thanks to the federal status. You see, cannabis is still illegal on the federal level. This means that we have to depend on preliminary studies to prove CBDs’ efficiency. Also, there are anecdotal pieces of evidence that show how CBD can help ease stress and anxiety without causing any side effects. 

During the pandemic, when we all are confined within the walls of our homes, our brain has been accustomed to a changed lifestyle. Moreover, there is a part that always longs to get back to the normal routine we had before the pandemic struck us all down. While we all are somehow exhausted, CBD may help provide some relief. Here are some ways that will allow you to add CBD to your wellness routine.

Yoga And Meditation

Two Men Doing Yoga

Meditation and yoga are the perfect ways to include CBD in your daily routine. If you haven’t noticed but cannabis and yoga go a long way. There are several studios out there. Some encourage practicing yoga and meditation under the influence of cannabis. In fact, people report that CBD helps them enhance the overall experience of yoga and meditation. So, you can try the same and let us know in the comment section below if it worked wonders for you. Also, remember if you have a medical condition do not take CBD unless you get 420 evaluations. The doctor will help you learn whether your medical conditions qualify for medical marijuana use or not.                 

That said, let us help you learn how to incorporate CBD into your yoga routine. First things first, CBD will encourage the production of dopamine and endorphins. Similarly, yoga will also help connect your body to the production of healthy hormones. Eventually, the combination of both will encourage you to focus, enjoy, and stretch more. No matter the age and medical condition yoga and mediation cause no one any harm. Some people become better at concentration while they have CBD in their system. While others simply use CBD to stretch their body while staying relaxed and pain-free. 

The bottom line is that CBD use can help you stay calm and connect your brain to the present moment. And the good news is if you love yoga go ahead and amp your yoga sessions by adding a little CBD to it. However, remember to go small when you begin taking CBD. For experienced users exceeding the dose limits can cause certain side effects. So, make sure you keep the dosing guide in mind while adding CBD to your wellness routine. 

Stress And Anxiety

Stress And Anxiety

Anxiety is a common medical condition. Every one in five Americans suffers from anxiety and depression. And anxiety comes in various forms and degrees. Some suffer from minor anxiety while others have to deal with panic attacks. This makes it incredibly difficult to live with anxiety. Given the fact that we are navigating through crucial times, it becomes even more vital to take care of anxiety issues. Yes, there are several ways to handle anxiety, but CBD can also help manage anxiety. All types of CBD products are available in the CBD store

According to a study of CBD, the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant interacts with the natural receptors in the body to cause a reaction. This reaction causes an anxiety patient to feel relaxed even under a stressful situation. Although, make sure you take the right dose or consult a doctor before taking CBD for your anxiety. If CBD works in your favor, you can reduce stress and manage the symptoms of anxiety that mess up with the quality of your life. 

Facial Acne

Woman & Acne

There are so many things that people need to do in order to look beautiful. People go to great lengths to meet the standards of beauty. Some end up fixing their nose with the help of plastic surgery while others add a list of cosmetics to their skincare routine. Whatever they do or you do, it is a personal choice. 

However, some issues cause beauty complex issues among girls. For instance, facial acne. Whether hormonal or blood related, acne problems cause a lot of stress. And to make things worse let’s add hot weather and humidity to the acne-causing list. However, all thanks to the CBD skincare line, you can get rid of acne easily. You see, CBD skincare products have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Which by the way are very good for your skin. The bumps that you see on your face in front of the mirror right now can be cured with the help of CBD oil. In fact, CBD also helps with blemishes, inflamed skin, allergy, and acne scars. 

Beauty Routine

Beautiful Women

Having mentioned how CBD oil can help fight acne and blemishes, I couldn’t help but tap into the beauty potential of CBD. I don’t know how many of you know, but CBD has entered the cosmetics industry and big brands like Sephora have collaborated with the cannabis industry. Not only this but some cosmetic brands have already introduced a CBD skincare line. You can use these products to maintain healthy skin. There are plenty of products out there. For instance, oils, tincture, balms, sunscreen, creams, face masks, etc. You can use any product and see how it works on your skin. After all, a little self-indulgence during quarantine can hurt no one.

Movie Marathon


You cannot run like you used to do it before. The fear of contraction always lurks behind. This might have also restricted you to exercise inside the home. Which, in turn, is a very good thing because it will help us all flatten the pandemic curve. So, if you cannot run outside you might as well run a movie marathon on Netflix. There’s nothing better than Netflix and CBD chill. While CBD will help calm your nerves, the movies will keep you entertained. Moreover, you will not even get tired or exhausted. We think it is the best way to keep the quarantine blues at bay. 



This one is an out of the box idea for people who use cannabis for recreational purposes. There are products in the market with high amounts of CBD. Although such products also contain THC. So, you might have to get 420 evaluations from a licensed doctor first. After you get a medical cannabis card only then can you buy products with extra THC. High THC and CBD can be found in edibles. It will only help you feel relaxed while you cook your favorite meal to deal with cannabis munchies later on.  

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Do I Need A Medical Marijuana Recommendation To Buy CBD Oil?

Marijuana legalization is one of the popular topics of discussion across the nation. From governors, mayors to advocates, everyone has been increasing pressure to legalize cannabis. As of now, marijuana is fully legal in 10 states. This means that you don’t need a medical marijuana card to buy CBD oil in these states. However, there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding the legal aspects of cannabis. For instance, if you live in Bakersfield and you plan on getting medical marijuana in Bakersfield, you don’t need a cannabis card to do the same. That’s because cannabis is fully legal in California. 

Even though most states in the US have legalized cannabis in some or the other way, the DEA still classifies CBD as a schedule 1 drug. This means that cannabis is still considered a drug and not accepted for medical purposes. Perhaps the reason why so many people still wonder whether CBD oil is legal or not. Don’t worry we’ve got you all covered. In this write-up, we will discuss everything you need to know about the legal parameters of CBD oil.

Hemp-Derived CBD Oil Vs Cannabis-Derived CBD Oil


Scientifically speaking, there are two types of cannabis – hemp and marijuana. Both come from the cannabis family, but serve different purposes. Hemp plants produce seed oil and fiber. On the other hand, marijuana produces CBD and THC rich cannabis products. This is to say that some products meet recreational requirements. While others suffice medical needs of the patients. In addition to this, you also have to keep in mind that hemp is cannabis Sativa and marijuana is cannabis Indica and cannabis Sativa. Ideally, legal hemp contains less than 0.3% THC and marijuana contains more than 0.3% THC.  

The main difference between both the cannabis-derived components is the resin content. While hemp plants consist of low resin, the marijuana drug plants are high in resin. At the onset, the resin of the plant helped differentiate legal from illegal. Since then laws have changed quite a lot. Earlier all parts of the cannabis Sativa whether growing or not were illegal on the federal level. Eventually, with the legalization of medical marijuana in 33+ states of the US, the laws also changed.

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So, what does all this mean? Here’s what you need to take note of. First and foremost, you have to understand that hemp-derived and cannabis-derived CBD oil are different on botanical and legal levels. Also, you have to keep in mind that marijuana comes from the buds and the buds have psychoactive properties. The reason why you feel high when you consume cannabis buds with THC content. In contrast, hemp comes from the seeds or stalk of the plant. And the hemp plant does not contain excessive amounts of THC. This also means that you will not feel the intoxicating effects of THC. All in all, to consider cannabis as hemp, one has to take the 0.3% THC content into account.

Is CBD Oil Legal? 

CBD Oil Hemp Products

To understand the legalities surrounding CBD use, we have to first learn that CBD derived from hemp and marijuana are two different things. Marijuana as a whole is illegal on the federal level, but the plant is engineered to meet the legal requirements. Simply put, different parts of the cannabis plant have various purposes. For example, hemp is largely manufactured to meet industrial and medical requirements. And it is an integral part of the cannabis plant. The only difference is that it belongs to a different species. Whereas marijuana produces high-quality CBD and THC products. You might need a medical marijuana card to use highly potent products derived from the marijuana plant.   

Also, it is vital to keep in mind that the Farm Bill became law in 2018. According to this bill, industrial hemp is fully legal on the federal level. The bill states that industrial hemp including its derivatives such as CBD is legal on the federal level. This development was a big hit for the cannabis community. It allowed cannabis users to legally transport, possess, and consume hemp-derived CBD products. However, this legalization has added a little bit of confusion. You see, marijuana is still illegal on the federal level. This also means that CBD oil derived from marijuana is still illegal in some states whereas hemp-derived CBD oil is fully legal. 

Eventually, it all boils down to the difference between cannabis and hemp. As mentioned above, if you understand the difference between cannabis-derived oil and hemp-derived oil, you will automatically understand the legalities surrounding cannabis. In the same vein, you also need to keep in mind that after the Farm Bill became law in 2018, hemp was officially removed from the list of schedule 1 substances. 

What’s More 

Medicinal Cannabis Extract Oil Bottle

The Farm Bill reclassified the term hemp as an agricultural commodity. And the new bill clearly stated that CBD derived from hemp is legal provided it follows some rules. These rules are as follows: 

  • The hemp should have less than 0.3% THC
  • The hemp should abide by the state-federal rules 
  • A state-licensed grower should cultivate or grow cannabis. 

The Farm Bill also eased the restriction on possession and purchase of hemp-derived CBD products. This is to say that you can transport hemp-derived CBD products across state lines. As long as people adhere to the above-stated regulations. There shouldn’t be any problem in consuming, possessing, selling or even transporting hemp-derived CBD products. However, the Farm Bill regulates hemp-derived products only. This means that marijuana-derived CBD is still illegal. Particularly in states that allow cannabis use for medicinal purposes. This also means that you need a medical marijuana recommendation in such states to avail of marijuana-derived CBD oil. 

Final Thoughts

CBD Oil Benefits

From the facts and laws stated above, two things are pretty clear. First, you need a medical cannabis recommendation or card for cannabis-derived CBD products in states that prohibit recreational cannabis use. Second, the legal boundaries disappear when CBD comes from the hemp plant. But if you seek cannabis-derived CBD oil without a recommendation, you can easily do the same if you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal. Otherwise, you need a card to purchase marijuana-derived CBD. Ultimately, what you should understand from this write-up is that it is quite necessary to understand the state cannabis laws. And you should know the source of CBD before making a legal purchase. 

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